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Interesting PyMol plugins

vendredi 10 décembre 2021, par Stéphane Téletchéa

xPyder : a PyMOL plugin to analyze coupled residues and their networks in protein structures

Azahar : a PyMOL plugin for construction, visualization and analysis of glycan molecules

bcl::Cluster : A method for clustering biological molecules coupled with visualization in the Pymol Molecular Graphics System

PyXlinkViewer : A flexible tool for visualization of protein chemical crosslinking data within the PyMOL molecular graphics system

Templates for writing PyMOL scripts

Automated protein motif generation in the structure-based protein function prediction tool ProMOL

PyMod : sequence similarity searches, multiple sequence-structure alignments, and homology modeling within PyMOL

Autodock/Vina plugin for PyMOL

PROVAT : a tool for Voronoi tessellation analysis of protein structures and complexes

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